SWAP Meeting

DateTitleLead(s)NotesSupplementary Material
2016-02-18T1030Measuring Shock Fronts in SWAP observationsFeng, Li.--
2016-02-03T1030A comparison of MCs & ICMEs. Intereesting SWAP observationsRodriguez, L.--
2016-01-21T1030SUVI and SWAPSeaton, D.B.--
2016-01-14T1030Python TutorialRyan. D.Notes Links used by Danny in the meeting included: SunPy webpage, SunPy user guide, SunPy contact info, SunPy github repo (source code)Go Here
2015-12-17T1030Brightening in STEREO observationsRodriguez. L.--
2015-12-10T1030Flare statisticsPodladchikova. E.--
2015-12-03T1030Discussion about large prominence observedMierla. M.--
2015-11-12T1030Discussion about Jacks work looking at density estimatesCarlyle. J.Will be held after the Seminar-
2015-10-29T1030GI S. Savage Will present her workSavage. S.Possibly GI: Sabrina Savage Will present her work-
2015-10-22T1030No Meeting Planned---
2015-10-15T1030Mapping Solar Cycles Through Polar Coronal HolesKirk. M.Kirk. M will talk about the work he intends to perform throughout his visit on the GI program-
2015-10-08T1030July EruptionSeaton. D.B.Intersting event observed in SWAP see the additional info link for a shortcut to the SWAP movieGo Here
2015-10-01T1030Discussion about the Failed EruptionWest. M.J.F. Zucarello to Skype into meeting.-

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