Sounds of The Sun - Under Construction

This is a collaborative piece of work between myself, Matthew J West (Solar Physicist) and Neil A Clements (Composer). Where we experiment with Sounds as a new way of representing science data. On the face of it, this might seem like a bit of fun, but it should be considered that the brain is very good at interpreting sharp peaks in audio input.

Initially we'll be working with GOES X-ray and LYRA EUV solar irradiance fluxes of the Sun. Solar activity is relatively active in these passbands, where peaks in irradiance indicate varying solar activity such as solar flares. In particular we'll be looking at 2012-Dec-31 between 00:00:00 UT and 23:59:59 UT. The plot below shows the GOES data normalized throughout the day.

GOES data from 2012-Dec-31

This work is initially being produced using python wave audio suite.

MP3s for Sounds of The Sun

sounds/Piano midi sequence
sounds/Space synth midi sequence
sounds/Synth with original track
sounds/Vibraphone midi sequence

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